Rock Machine Chris lavigne ( Arrows To Fire ) and Adrien Lavigne started the CHADRIEN project with the inspiration of delivering solid rock music with one main concept :  the singer is YOU.
Yes, you re the singer – All of us are the singer, all of us are the guy on main stage, all of us are the idol !  CHADRIEN`s Songs are written to allow you, us, all of us, to sing all together !
 Louder you sing and better is the song!
So, get loud my friends! 

Imagine a band playing live with the public being the singer for all their songs – This is what CHADRIEN is calling Tribal Alternative Rock ! Live performance is becoming a big party, with the musicians of CHADRIEN being part of the public and the public being part of CHADRIEN
Download  “HUNS” the first single of CHADRIEN and Spread the words !

Become our singer at the next show, at the next party with your friends and become a fan of Tribal Alternative Rock

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....Party Rock has never been so fun...
Tribal Alternative CHADRIEN

Tribal Alternative CHADRIEN